Himemaru is the third kunoichi that Raizō encounters. He is, at first glance, a very attractive and sexy woman. But, the truth is, he is actually a male cross dresser who acts very feminine. His first plan was to seduce Raizō into marrying him so he could gain wealth and money. But, he eventually falls for him, resulting into constant arguments between him and Kagari, another kunoichi.

He also states that he is "good" with medicines, but his specialty is really not medicines, but poison.

When asked why he became a kunoichi, he stated it was because he was born with the "most beautiful face" in the Shinobi Village.

Powers and Ability'sEdit

Himemaru uses a shibari technique called Higyaku no Shibari, which wraps ropes around the target in a way that makes his target's movements painful.


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